Hi there,
I'm Abhay Rudramuni
Programmer, Web developer

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I’m a web designer and programmer based in Bengaluru, who loves clean, simple & unique design. I also enjoy crafting!

I am a coding enthusiast interested in programming, web designing, and scaling webpages. I love applying different logic to find various approaches to solve a problem.

Above all, I believe in teamwork.
As they say, "together, we can achieve miracles."

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Backend technologies 80%
Web hosting 90%
UI/UX 45%

My Services


If you're looking for someone who can design algorithms, you are at the right place.

Web Development

I design web and mobile applications for your needs, be it a business application or a portfolio.

Web Hosting

Web hosting with unlimited resources with support of various technologies including PHP, node and Python.

Logo Design

Need a logo for yourself or your company? Send me the requirements and it comes right up!


Need a videographer that can understand the director's visualisation? I'm the one for you.

Photo and Video Editing

I have a creative hand in post production. Softwares familiar with: Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci, Adobe Photshop